Cat file and thumbs file

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Craig Howard
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Cat file and thumbs file

Post by Craig Howard » 19 May 15 22:47

Cat file and thumbs file

I am assuming (logic) that these two files are needed and work together if migrating across different computers ...or even backing up one of them?

Assuming that the Cat files looks for the last known location of the thumbs file because I have opened a cat file copied elsewhere without the thumbs file. (Test)

With out thumbs file...will PSu recreate thumbs file if the Cat file is opened? Does it need to be told to do so?

In creating a new it a good practice to change the Path in Preferences to what one wants as a first step?
Will that automatically create the thumbs file at that same location?

Scenario I am working on.
All Assets are on a dedicated external hard drive that will be relocated across 3 computers on occasion. ( 3 separate licences of PSu.)
The Cat and thumbs files will be on the same drive and only ever reference that drive. The drive will have a fixed volume path/name.
Each seat of PSu will have the preference changed to that path.

Thoughts and advice please.

EDIT: I have worked out the workflow I need (and tested it) ...and all works as I expect. Have even saved my self one licence purchase.
BTW - I am now off trial version and on Full paid up version. Great application that did not take me long to trial and be convinced.

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