arranging images in a portfolio

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arranging images in a portfolio

Post by andrew.heard » 09 Jul 13 4:48

IDimager allows images to be (re)arranged in a portfolio by dragging them to their desired location. When you drag an image in a PSu portfolio to a different location within the sequence it creates a version set instead, not what I want, not what I'd expect. Certainly in my portfolios the order for a presentation often needs to be manually altered for best effect. Can anyone offer their experience for how they currently perform this task/ work around the PSu limitation?

I note that when an IDi portfolio is migrated to PSu any manual order is retained, which implies the database has retained this ordering information; it's just that the functionality for altering the sequence is not currently implemented.

I do hope the next major release of PSu has this feature.

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Re: arranging images in a portfolio

Post by stevehughes » 09 Jul 13 10:21

Yes, I second that !

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Re: arranging images in a portfolio

Post by Hert » 09 Jul 13 10:32

This is already registered as a Feature request in Mantis as #572. This has also already been discussed here on the forum
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