adding/removing content from multiple fields

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adding/removing content from multiple fields

Post by space » 04 Jul 13 12:42

Hi Hert,

In PSu and in the Details section on the right, those olive-green spots/buttons that come up on the right after selecting two or more images - if these weren't added recently, were they given additional functionality in build 137?

As there seems to be little or no reference to them in any of the documentation I've read - didn't even know they were "buttons", that is and until moving the mouse over one of the spots. This changed the spot into a button, providing all the necessary functionality I was looking for and referred to in a previous post.

As an observation, need to add here, these spots/bottons only become available on selecting multiple images. They aren't there for selections of single images.

If this is new, way to go and thanks. If not, might help if mention is made of this feature somewhere in the help/documentation.

Cheers - Rogan

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Re: adding/removing content from multiple fields

Post by jstartin » 04 Jul 13 13:52

As far as I can remember they have always been there, with the same function. I guess they are not available for single selections because they would not be relevant. I do agree with your last comment - personally I have found, forgotten and rediscovered this feature several times!
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Re: adding/removing content from multiple fields

Post by dickl » 04 Jul 13 15:48

Thanks for raising this! I never noticed these settings before, and now that I see them if serves a very useful purpose for me.

I created a detail profile containing boiler plate information for all my images... Copyright, Creator information etc... After ingesting my images, I apply a detail profile to fill most of my required metadata. Occasionally, and I have not been able to exactly identify how, some keywords and descriptions used in a previous profile application creep into my detail profile when I select a group of images. Now seeing these green spots, I can correct these before I apply the detail profile.

In the past, I would select and re-save my detail profile occasionally to get access to the "Don't make changes" option is set before applying. Now I can verify this setting without having to take this action.

Thanks for the heads up!


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