but is there a changelog/history page?

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but is there a changelog/history page?

Post by mantras » 25 May 13 17:54


about photo supreme is there a changelog or histroy page/list?

i found a link but i have to login and it's called matis or something like
http://forum.idimager.com/viewtopic.php ... log#p99410

a pinned topic with a changelog would really cool

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Re: but is there a changelog/history page?

Post by Preston B » 26 May 13 0:05

I just looked at the 'Change Log' in Mantis. For me, at least, all I get is a header and no log. This may be something for Hert's use, but I'm not certain about that.

A 'sticky' change log here in the forum would be nice.

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Re: but is there a changelog/history page?

Post by Hert » 26 May 13 3:07

Changes for new versions are reported through the notification center. There's no change log topic.
The forum is intended for topics about working with the *existing* features.
This is a User-to-User forum which means that users post questions here for other users.
Feature requests, change suggestions, or bugs can be logged in the ticketing system

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