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Slide Show Select

Post by Dismayed » 11 Jan 21 18:33

Slide show seems to work based on tag filters. Is it possible to further refine what will be shown by selecting images after the tag filter has been applied?
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Re: Slide Show Select

Post by Hert » 12 Jan 21 10:48

You could create a Portfolio Collection (static or dynamic) that contains a filter that you'd like to share through PSO
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Re: Slide Show Select

Post by G8DHE » 04 Feb 21 15:53

The speed is set in the Config|File settings area, always seems strange to me that its not something you can adjust during the slideshow itself!
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Re: Slide Show Select

Post by snowman1 » 04 Feb 21 16:41

Alternatively select the images and put them in the image basket (shift-B) and play from there.
But I agree it would be a nice refinement to have the slide show play the selected images.

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