Copy metadata from Video

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Copy metadata from Video

Post by Bongo » 25 Jul 21 9:43

I make slow motion videos of insects. Slow motion is only effective when the insect flies. Therefore, long videos are created until it flies. And large files in 4k.
Before I import the videos in Photo Supreme I cut the videos with the Losslesscut program into a new MP4 file. So I have the interesting scenes and the files are smaller.
Unfortunately, the metadata written by my CANON R5 are not transferred to the new file. Although there is an option in Losslesscut.
I tried to copy the metadata with ExifTool:

Code: Select all

exiftool -tagsFromFile <sourceFile> -All:All <targetFile>
But it does not work.
Does somebody has any idea?
Regards, Bongo
Photo Supreme V6 Single User Edition, Windows 10.

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