AI: Specify Objects, e.g. "Motorcycle" --> "green Honda XYZ"

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AI: Specify Objects, e.g. "Motorcycle" --> "green Honda XYZ"

Post by BananaJoe » 16 Jan 21 12:40

i try to catalogize my collection of nearby 150.000 pics. One question about the AI: is there any possibility of local machine learning? As i understand, the AI works only from an online-alorithm. One "problem" for example: Got many pics of motorcycles, but if i wanna search my bike, i have to remember the event/file.

Is it possible/how is it possible to mark my bike as "My green Hondasuki Trailbike" in a few pics, and, hopefully, PS will find all the other pics of my bike or maybe only nearly all green Trailbikes (which is much better than nothing).
Thank you!

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Re: AI: Specify Objects, e.g. "Motorcycle" --> "green Honda XYZ"

Post by G8DHE » 16 Jan 21 16:07

The AI activities are all via Google nothing as such to do with PSU directly other than PSU sends the correctly sized image to Google and gets back a label for the image.
Geoff Mather (G8DHE)

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