best use of bookmarks?

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best use of bookmarks?

Post by vkfoto » 11 Nov 20 4:05

I noticed some of my images have solid red hearts in the upper left corner. Hovering over one, it turns out to be a bookmark. I don't recall ever using those. Only 896 out of 300k images have them so not so many. They appear to be a random selection with no obvious pattern as to why they were marked. Is there some process that would apply them? What are they normally used for?

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Re: best use of bookmarks?

Post by Ralf » 11 Nov 20 9:17

I can only say what I use it for, everyone has their own workflow.
There are already enough parameters to mark the photos (stars, colors, ...)

I use the bookmarks for this, for example

- to mark photos again and again that I am currently working on, especially when I often have to jump back and forth between topics / folders. Then you can quickly display the files again with a filter.

- when I create photo books, I mark the photos that come into question (depending on the subject) in order to then export them for the photo book software

There are sure to be other ideas and as I said, that's my way of working with them
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