Windows version possible?

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Windows version possible?

Post by boatbldr » 25 Aug 16 22:59


Any chance we can get this tool in a windows version? I use photo supreme and have lots of old scanned negatives that I want to redate. It involves looking at each scanned picture individually and either manually zooming in and reading off the imprinted date on the picture or estimating based on who is in the picture etc. This tool seems to be a more labour efficient method to do it.

The background for this request is that all of the extended family have decided to digitize the family photographic history, and we also want to do it before older relatives pass away.

P.S. I did create a feature request in Mantis.

Thank you.

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Re: Windows version possible?

Post by fbungarz » 26 Aug 16 13:00

Hi Malcolm,
if you use PhotoSupreme, why would you still need an additional tool to re-date your images?
You can riggt-click one or several files and select "Operations- Redate Files..." (Shift+CTRL+D).
Does that not address your need?

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