Cant open photos in Film Noir

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Cant open photos in Film Noir

Post by mcook5 » 30 May 14 6:17

I am running MAC OS 10.7.5. Every time I try to open a photo I either get "access denied" or "can't open (filename)"

I tried opening every way I can, drag and drop, selecting image from computer...I even trashed the app and reinstalled as you have suggested in another post.

Still not working.

Any ideas? Otherwise I am going to have to ask for a refund....


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Re: Cant open photos in Film Noir

Post by Hert » 30 May 14 7:42

If you get an access denied then the OS doesn't give permission to the sandbox. That's odd because OSX should do that as soon as you select a file from the open panel.

Have you tried rebooting the computer, because this looks like OSX is behaving oddly.
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