Should I jump from IDI to PS?

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Should I jump from IDI to PS?

Post by rocktheroad » 14 Apr 13 23:13

Hey guys,

I was using IDI since version 3, and I was delighted to play with it as I had lot of free time, and everything was much simpler back then. I did upgrade to 4, than 5, but I don't think I spent more than few hours playing with last version. To be honest, I couldn't even remember why I gave up, but I think it was because it didn't supported network storage as I wanted and everything was bit too complex for my needs. I barely had time to just flush my CF/SD cards.

I moved to lame Picasa... Don't laugh... But you fire it, dump cards, browse images, delete fails, tag people with ease and share whatever u want. Picasa don't offer everything I want, but it's smooth and it is lightning fast. Also there are big fails, its far from perfect, to some point even embarrassing for Google, but I found it easier to live with...

In order to get any answer, I probably have to explain what I need and what are my expectations:

1) I am hardly even hobby photographer... I have 10-20 DSLR sessions yearly, the rest are point and shoot and mobile.
2) I want to store photos on NAS. I am bit paranoid, so I have 2 NAS, both are RAID and redundant.
3) I want to quickly and easily dump SD/CF cards, and store them in Year/Month/Session name folder structure... no question asked (or at least quick next/next default clicks)
4) It would be great if database could be on NAS so I could access it from different laptops. I don't need multiuser environment, just abillity to work from different laptops on same database.
5) Anything like Picassa face recognizing feature and tagging
6) I don't mind much about image editing... I edit 10 photos yearly, and I don't mind going to photoshop for that purpose :)

Those are features that are crucial for me... Don't take this wrong, I appreciate extra features that IDI had, but I didn't had much free time to use them.

So do you think that PS will answer my need and is it worth upgrade?

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Re: Should I jump from IDI to PS?

Post by gcoupe » 15 Apr 13 12:01

I'll leave it to others to answer your specific questions re NAS usage, I'll just throw in a few observations.

First, while you mention face tagging, you don't specifically mention descriptive tagging and other metadata. To my mind, this is where PSU wins hands-down over any other DAM I've used. If that is important to you, then PSU is definitely worth considering.

Second, PSU has no automatic face recognition capabilities. Any face tagging that you do is strictly manual, and tedious. I do like the auto face recognition capabilities of Picasa, and now the latest version is writing out face recognition metadata into the image files using the proposed standard of the Metadata Working Group. Unfortunately, PSU does not use this standard, but its own; so images with faces tagged by Picasa will not have this metadata picked up and recognized in PSU. It's a pity.

Third, importing images from SD/CF cards in PSU is a breeze, and support for Year/Month/Day folder structure is built-in. Other import naming rules and operations can be done. The import engine is very flexible.
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