Best Way to Reorganize Folders & Catalog

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Best Way to Reorganize Folders & Catalog

Post by MikeA01730 » 04 Sep 21 16:37


I'm reorganizing my messy and inconsistent folder structure to eliminate duplicate files, reduce the number of folders, and rely less on folder location and more on PSU mechanisms for organization. I have some duplicate files identified by folder location. I want to eliminate them and then identify the original files using PSU portfolios or labels, but it's not clear to me which method would be better. Portfolios seem more natural but I don't think I understand all the implications.

One concern is that if I ever need to move to a different DAM how will PSU mechanisms transfer? Will PSU simple keywords that record hierarchical labels be interpreted as hierarchical labels or just keywords? Will PSU portfolios be interpreted as portfolios, keywords, something else, or will they be lost?

Since this is a bit of a project I'd like to not get it wrong and regret my choice later. Any thoughts about this undertaking would be appreciated.


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Re: Best Way to Reorganize Folders & Catalog

Post by Hert » 05 Sep 21 12:03

All relevant data is available as metadata. When you switch to other software then your hierarchical labels are available as or:hierarchicalSubject. Every self respecting DAM reads that. Same goes for portfolio collections which is available as metadata as well (Mwg collections).
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Re: Best Way to Reorganize Folders & Catalog

Post by Mke » 05 Sep 21 13:55

On the organization of folders, Folder and file names on the file system provides several ideas.

See also Folder structure: Should I separate raw/jpg?

On portfolios -vs- folders, IMHO the best use is:
  • folders = input = where you store your images;
  • portfolios = output = where you organize selected images for viewing ('slide-shows')

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