Ratings Based File Rename Doesn't Work?..

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Ratings Based File Rename Doesn't Work?..

Post by WillBellJr » 17 Aug 21 1:31

Hi folks, I'm new here, having just upgraded my IDImager license (2010) to Photo Supreme - I'm really amazed with the DAM functionality, and have been spending he past few days reimagining the organization of my mostly video, and photo collections using PS!

As a small background, I'm coming from programs like ACDsee Ultimate, Grass Valley Mync, and most recently, Kyno Media Management Trial).

Over the years with a variety of these various programs, I would stop using then due to various reasons; too slow (ACDsee), not enough features (Mync), etc., so I couldn't depend on any solid XMP metadata for more powerful searches and cataloging.

The Photo Supreme upgrade email offer could NOT have came at a better time!

I had ~16 days left on the Kyno trial; I really liked the professional video production features, especially video subclip functionality (trimming cruft out of videos to save space, is a MAIN task for me), among others!

I wish PS catered a bit more to video production, but I do have other software (e.g. lossless MP4 trimmer / editors etc.,) that allows me to achieve with PS, what Kyno was bringing to the table.
(Kyno was recently acquired by another company, which has many of the users, upset and worried - the main reason my PS upgrade offer couldn't have been more timely! I saved myself over $200 going with the Photo Supreme upgrade vs Kyno, and so far I'm really happy with the software!)

Ultimately wo/having a solid DAM application, I settled on a "highly portable coding scheme" for my filenames, by adding prefixes codes (e.g. (4+uVcej)_filename.ext) to each of my files.

So at least this would immediately show me a rating "4+", along with other code letters, where I could understand what to expect when viewing the video or photos.

Of course these codes do nothing for organization / grouping, other than an indication of "content quality", and searches e.g. "find all "(3+..." files within a folder of organized content.

This scheme has worked for me for a few years now, regardless of what programs I have at the moment (multiple programs have certainly come and gone!..)

So in addition to the massive uplift in organization, and massive, pinpoint searches I now have with PS, I figured I'd still at least continue my file prefix scheme which gives me clues outside of a DAM application, when browsing folders in Explorer, or over the network on a phone or tablet.

Sorry for the long intro to my actual problem, but my problem occurred today when using PS's wonderfully power File Renaming features.

I wanted to be able to continue using the Star Rating numbers, along with any optional "Rating Postfix Codes" that I type into a custom text field.

The rename macro filename prefix ends up being what I've been doing manually by hand in the past, but now automated using metadata from PS.

During my testing, I selected a video which I had rated a 4, the "Rating Postfix codes comes from what I typed into a custom, which is then surrounded by parenthesis and an underscore: ((4+uce)_ - the prefix I'm expecting for this example.)

(Image Link Removed - new forum member)

The rename operation preview is exactly what I want from the rename operation (the macro code is also displayed):
(As a side note, why is the original filename so small? I wish it was larger!)

(Image Removed) - resultant filename preview from macro: (4+uce)_108284215_1708463695975668_469240091142611166_n.jpg

However when I execute the operation the actual rating is always replaced by "0" - I'm not sure why??

(Image removed) - resultant filename after macro execution: (0+uce)_108284215_1708463695975668_469240091142611166_n.jpg

What am I doing wrong with my macro - this would be so great for me, if I can get this working!

Any help appreciated!


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Re: Ratings Based File Rename Doesn't Work?..

Post by Hert » 18 Aug 21 13:55

First of all a warm welcome to the forum.

I have just tried it here and using this rename rule seems to work fine.

Code: Select all

PS. To use this,
1. open the rename dialog (right click -> Operations -> Rename Files)
2. in the dialog, click the upper left hamburger menu and select "edit as text"
3. Copy paste the rule.

If you cannot get it to work then please paste the rename rule you are using here.
This is a user-to-user forum. If you need product support then please send a message

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Re: Ratings Based File Rename Doesn't Work?..

Post by WillBellJr » 22 Aug 21 11:11

Thank you so much, I was now able to accomplish what I wanted to do.

After copying your suggestion and adding in my "post-rating codes", the resultant macro text is:


I noticed when there isn't a rating, the resultant rename end up being: (n)_filename.ext

Instead of fighting it, I decided to just mentally consider it "Not rated", though I think I would have preferred "(0)_filename.ext" for unrated files.

Just for my own self knowledge, clicking the + button, I was looking though (XMP if available) items, I was trying to find the value of your solution "xmp:xmp" etc., and didn't see it?

In the interest of my own sanity - what should I have selected from the available items to obtain the edit code from your solution, (or is that not available from within those listings)?


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