Unable to get AI Label Function to work

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Unable to get AI Label Function to work

Post by bonbonstock88 » 14 Aug 21 17:32

Hello - I've been able to get the Reverse Geo Google Maps API to work properly but I've been unable to properly get the AI Label Google Cloud Vision API to function properly. I keep getting the following error message...

Error: Requests to this API vision.googleapis.com method google.cloud.vision.v1.ImageAnnotator.BatchAnnotateImages are blocked. Status: PERMISSION_DENIED

I can't figure out what I've configured incorrectly. Suggestions? Thanks.

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Re: Unable to get AI Label Function to work

Post by Hert » 16 Aug 21 8:49

First of all a warm welcome to the forum.

The message you get is from Google. Please configure the Google API correctly as described in the Google API manual (click ? in PSU's left sidebar). Mainly:
1. Check that you have added the correct Google APIs to your Google Project
2. Make sure that your call complies with the restrictions that you configured in your Google Project (IP restriction, etc)
3. Make sure that you have billing enabled in your Google Account

If that doesn't help then you can contact Google. It is their service and the forum members here don't have any insight in or control over how Google operates their service.
Google typically responds quickly to questions.
This is a user-to-user forum. If you need product support then please send a message

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