Free Photo Supreme Lite Edition

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Free Photo Supreme Lite Edition

Post by Hert » 05 Aug 21 10:38

There's now a completely free(!!) Photo Supreme Lite edition.

This edition is the ideal stepping-stone to the Single User Edition. The Lite edition has the following limitations compared to the Single User edition:

1. Max 5000 assets
2. Max one Catalog
3. No login dialog option
4. No command line parameters

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Re: Free Photo Supreme Lite Edition

Post by Carbo » 16 Aug 21 14:25

Thanks a lot for this free version. It was a perfect timing for me !

I was wondering if there could be any other differences than those mentioned in the post. I notably had several crashes / freezes during tag operations on many files and I wondered if the free version was less stable. I don't see many crash issues mentioned in the forum...

Thanks !

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