Filtering a top-level category?

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Filtering a top-level category?

Post by LifeIsLong »

I want to filter all pictures that have TagA and do not have any tags with a People parent. Is there any way to do this?

I know how I can satisfy the first part, but not the tags with parent part, nor if I can combine them into one query.
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Re: Filtering a top-level category?

Post by Hert »

1. Select Catalog Label TagA
2. Right click and select Add to Dynamic Search
3. Select the People Category
4. Right click and select "Add to Dynamic Search"

5. Now in the Dynamic Search, right click on People and select "Exclude from Search"
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6. Run the search. You can store the search as a favorite for future re-use.

TIP; also read through the Searching Manual
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