Grid view bugs

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Grid view bugs

Post by pakunoda » 13 Jul 21 21:41

Good night!
I appreciate the speed gain in PSU, which I notice more than with the previous release.
So I jumped in my favourite exercice: hunting down dupes in my collection with the Duplicate Files filter.

For this I like to work with the grid view which has some unexpected behaviours.
Can somebody confirm:

# missing/blank thumbnail
In any list I use, say "colors", "folders", "timeline"... there's always a thumbnail missing, which is often the 8th one.
If I want to display a folder with 1 item, there's simply no thumbnail on the item line.

# grid not updated correctly after item deletion
If I scroll to the very bottom and delete 3 dupes for example, the screen refresh is buggy: the 3 files disappear, but there's still the same number of lines. The last lines are a copy of the previous. These lines are unselectable, so I select another view and go back.

Running PSU 6.3 on MacOS Mojave.

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Re: Grid view bugs

Post by Hert » 14 Jul 21 13:31

Please update to build 3798. There's no webupdate, but you can download download it from the Control Panel or the website.
This is a user-to-user forum. If you need product support then please send a message

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