Geotagging in Travel Mode

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Geotagging in Travel Mode

Post by Mke » 11 Jun 21 0:45

I have many catalog labels set up to apply a GEO Location when an image is labeled.

I've just spotted - after several labeling sessions in Travel Mode - that the Geo Locations from the labels aren't being applied - the coordinates still show as 0.000000. Turn Travel Mode off and they work as expected.

I could of course report this on Mantis, but it would be great to have a quick fix.

Unfortunately I must have a number of images affected by this. If it's feasible to also provide a script to identify images concerned and apply the coordinates from the labels, that would be really appreciated too...

Windows 8.1 build 3705

[edit Hert; changed the title to remove the suggestion that this is a bug.]

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Re: Geotagging bug in Travel Mode

Post by Hert » 14 Jun 21 16:30

Not sure if I understand your message correctly.

When you assign a "Catalog Label with GEO Coordinates Defined for It" to an image then these coordinates (and all other catalog label details for that matter) are applied on syncing metadata to the image. When in Travel mode, the syncing to file doesn't take place because the file is not available.

After you switch off Travel Mode, you still need to sync the files. Do that with:
1. States -> Out of Sync
2. Select all files
3. Save the metadata to file

That is also when the GEO coordinates from the Catalog Label are applied to the metadata of the file.
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