Sort by Macro Command not Restored at Startup

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Sort by Macro Command not Restored at Startup

Post by gcorbin » 09 Jun 21 15:53

I sort my images by the excellent “Sort by Macro Command” (under “Sort by Script…”) as my standard workflow. If I exit Photo Supreme build (64 bit) Windows and restart Photo Supreme without closing my image tabs, the tabs are restored as expected but the images are no longer sorted by Macro Command even though this is the sort order shown in the Sort Order list. Clicking F5 to resorts the image list but it is still not sorted by Macro Command. I have to reselect the “Sort by Macro Command” to get the images correctly sorted by Macro Command.

I presume Photo Supreme does not honour the “Sort by Macro Command” sort order for startup speed as “Sort by Macro Command” is not the fastest, but if this is the case, the selected sort order should be changed to the overridden sort order. The current operation is very confusing as checking the sort order does not allow me to determine the actual sort order of the displayed images.

While this is certainly not a major issue, it is an annoyance to me which has existed in Photo Supreme for many versions.

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Re: Sort by Macro Command not Restored at Startup

Post by fbungarz » 10 Jun 21 3:12

Might have to do with a recent change that you can now use the Macro Command Search with "blank/no blank"...

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