Moving Versioned Files

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Moving Versioned Files

Post by wvcs » 11 Apr 21 18:23

I have versioned files *.RAW *.PSD in one directory, *.JPG in another directory. I'd like to move them to another folder structure, keeping them together and keeping the same folder structure. Does anyone have any recommendations on how best to make this happen. I've looked and can't find a solution without breaking the version up, then move them to the appropriate directory then recreate the version.

Thanks Bill

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Re: Moving Versioned Files

Post by Hert » 12 Apr 21 11:40

The best way is to use the rename feature and rename your files to a new folder.

You don't mention your platform, but on Windows that would be a rename rule like:

Code: Select all

On macOS:

Code: Select all

Of course you replace TargetFolder (and TargetVolume) with the real name on your file system.
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