Cursor disappears

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Cursor disappears

Post by Roman » 23 Mar 21 6:07

If I start to type something in the Labels search field, and then switch to another window (to check a spelling for example), when I return to PS V6 the cursor is no longer visible. If I continue typing characters are added but no cursor is displayed. It could be something to do with my video drivers but I have not noticed this behaviour with any other application. Is it just me or has anyone else had this issue?

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Re: Cursor disappears

Post by HCS » 25 Mar 21 11:05

I have sometimes seen something similar, but i haven't tracked it to see when/how it manifests itself.

What seems to work for me when it does occur, is to click somewhere on the desktop (i'm on Windows) and then click on the window heading of the app. After that, i usually have the cursor back. Of course YMMV

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Re: Cursor disappears

Post by snowman1 » 25 Mar 21 11:56

No idea if it's related but just in case it is: if there are too many items to fit in certain drop-downs, scroll doesn't work - until you switch focus to a different windown and switch back again. (In V5, I haven't yet installed V6 to check if it's still the same)

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Re: Cursor disappears

Post by Robosoc » 25 Mar 21 12:11

Same behavior here. Thought it is my problem.
thanks for bringing it up

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