Map not working correctly (Google API key is ok)

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Map not working correctly (Google API key is ok)

Post by fabrizio.giudici » 22 Feb 21 19:50


Today I've downloaded Photo Supreme for macOS for an evaluation. Being my first post here I'm giving a bit of extra context: I need to replace Adobe Lightroom - I switched to Capture One in 2017, but some cataloguing features (keywords and geotagging) aren't good enough. So far I've used the last Lightroom "Classic" "in tandem" hoping for a refresh of features in Capture One; but having upgraded to Big Sur now Lightroom doesn't work any longer, now I have to use a Virtual Machine for running it so replacing it with another DAM is urgent. The idea is to use Photo Supreme again "in tandem" with Capture One.

I've imported my catalog from Lightroom and now I'm trying to "port" my workflow. For what concerns Geo tags, I've configured the Google API key, but I can only see the map for a "flash"; then it is quicky replaced by an error message:

Oops! Something went wrong.
This page didn't load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.

Please let me know how to fix this.

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Re: Map not working correctly (Google API key is ok)

Post by Hert » 23 Feb 21 12:34

That message is the weird message that Google Maps returns when the API key is not configured correctly.

1. As per Google's requirements, did you add a payment method to your Google account? Without a payment method, the Google API will not work. Google Maps comes with a fair amount of free credits. This free credit bundle is sufficient from average use and when you stay within this bundle, you will not be charged by Google.
2. Do you have a restriction configurated for your Google API key? If so, then please check in your Google API console if the restrictions are still current
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