XMP LensType use

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XMP LensType use

Post by oversampling » 20 Feb 21 10:45

I understand that lens manufaturers fill XMP field "Lens Type" in different ways.
Some use a real lens name (e.g. "24mm f1.4 ED") and some use a code(e.g. "3,32") that uniquely identifies the lens (through a separate conversion table).

While there are pros and cons with both approaches this leads sometimes to some odd behaviours in PSU.
For example all the portraits taken with my "smc PENTAX-FA 77mm F1.8 Limited" are displayed in the PSU Info Panel as taken with a superbe '4 24' lens...
EXIFtool shows that the field "smc PENTAX-FA 77mm F1.8 Limited" is actually inside the "LensType" field under "Maker" tab, but PSU can't read it (I guess because "Maker" is a non-standard tab).

Is there a way to grab the Maker/LensType field in PSU?
Or to manipulate the XMP/lensType field in PSU to get a meaningful description in the PSU Info Panel?
I don't want to replace the info in the XMP/lensType field (as it is correct) but I would appreciate if the Info Panel showed human readable infos..

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Re: XMP LensType use

Post by Hert » 22 Feb 21 10:28

If your lens is displayed as a "code" then please send a sample image to support@idimager.com with the correct name of the lens. The lens code can then be added to the lookup table. Thank you
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