Backspace vs Esc

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Backspace vs Esc

Post by siehorst » 20 Feb 21 8:38

V6, just an observation as at the moment I do not find the rule:
If opening a preview or fullscreen display (not Lighttable) I can always leave via 'Backspace' but only sometimes via 'Esc'

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Re: Backspace vs Esc

Post by Roman » 23 Mar 21 5:49

I have the same issue, only Esc never closes the preview screen for me.
I am fairly sure Esc used to close the preview prior to upgrading to V6.

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Re: Backspace vs Esc

Post by dickl » 23 Mar 21 15:29

I also confirm that problem. I have to kill the task to recover. Never tried backspace though...

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Re: Backspace vs Esc

Post by Robosoc » 24 Mar 21 17:22

Same thing here, I was wondering the same a couple of times

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Re: Backspace vs Esc

Post by weidmic » 25 Mar 21 11:32

Same here, I would like to have the ESC back again...
ESC never closes the the preview screen
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Re: Backspace vs Esc

Post by Hert » 25 Mar 21 11:51

Works fine here. But based on this topic, I assume that at some point the ESC becomes unresponsive. Hope someone can tell me when that starts happening.
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Re: Backspace vs Esc

Post by Mke » 25 Mar 21 17:01

ESC is normally working fine for me. Yesterday, for the first time, I had to use backspace after ESC failed to work. No obvious reason...

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