Editing Details - Operator Error?

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Editing Details - Operator Error?

Post by panddlong » 20 Feb 21 0:02

Just evaluating Photo Supreme as my DAM tool.

So far so good but I am getting a little confused when trying to edit 'Details'. I suspect it is operator error but not sure on what is what on this panel.

I will update many of the details and everything works good when I click 'Ok'.

BUT some fields seem to accept my input, I click 'Ok' and some processing happens but then my edits are gone - both attempts to add info and attempts to delete. I haven't checked every field to see which ones work and which ones don't. The 'Persons in the Image' is one that seems to always fail my edit attempts (and it is one I will want to edit a lot in the future).

Is there a trick to doing this? Can it only be done from Labels panel? If so, why does it let me fool myself into making edits on the 'Details' panel?

Are there other fields which can't (shouldn't) be edited from the Details panel?

Thanks for your assistance.

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Re: Editing Details - Operator Error?

Post by Hert » 22 Feb 21 11:00

A warm welcome to the forum.

I think you are bitten by the fact that PSU tends to maintain some of the metadata for your with Catalog Labels. When you write metadata to file then PSU does its magic. If you only use metadata and don't want to use PSU's Catalog Labels feature (which I recommend to start using to simplify the metadata management process for you), then you can switch off PSU's helpful metadata support. Do this in Preferences

PS. don't forget that when you switch these OFF because once you start exploring the Catalog Labels feature your will definitely want to have these options switched ON again :D
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Re: Editing Details - Operator Error?

Post by panddlong » 23 Feb 21 0:58

Thanks for the reply. I appreciate you taking the time to respond to such a beginner's question.

The Catalog Labels and how they write into the metadata is a feature I really like - it also seems to be unique to your product. So I will not be turning that off.

I dug into this further - reading the Quick Start Cataloging & GEO Tagging guides and doing some experimentation (with the preferences turned 'on') - to be sure I really understood how it worked. My detailed observations are below - feel free to jump to the end for the conclusions. I have included all of this info for the benefit of future beginners and potential to be corrected/confirmed if someone wants to take the time.

1. The PersonInImage, Event and ObjectInImage on the Details Panel are populated from People, Event & Object Catalog Labels respectively and this source will always over-ride any edits attempted on the Details Panel.

2. Keywords on the Details Panel are similar and populated from the Catalog Labels but a keyword can be added on the Details Panel and it will be added to the photo as a Label (even creating a new label under Miscellaneous if required). So some editing is allowed.
A) "Places" Catalogue Labels do not show up in Keywords - it seems to be the one exception to Labels populating Keywords
B) One nice feature is that a warning is generated whenever attempting to edit Keywords (which can be turned off if desired)

3. Places get very interesting in the inter-play between the Details, GeoTag and Labels Panels. These notes are just for Country/State/City
A) The software keeps these 3 geo-fields in sync across the 3 sets of Location information (the basic Image Content, Location Shown & Location Created). So you change any of the 3 and the other 2 are changed to match.
B) You can make changes of any kind in both the Details and GeoTag Panel and they carry through
C) Entries for these fields automatically creates Catalog Labels in the Places categories and in the right hierarchy
C) Entering a City carries across to the Labels Panel and shows as a label used but it doesn't carry back across to Keywords
D) If you add a Place Label on the Label Panel, it will update the Location information, but revoking a label makes no corresponding change
E) Such an added label will only change the specific data point in the Location information (eg. City, State, Country) but not the others (ie. hierarchy does not carry across)

4. The Geo-field for Location (aka Sublocation) acts differently than the other "higher-order" fields.
A) Entries for this field do not create a Places Label
B) Changes to one of the entry's data does not get synchronized across the 3 sets
C) Creating a Place Label as a child of a CIty makes it available as a Label
D) One can then add such a label to the image but it carries across as a Keyword not into the Location/Sub-Location detail fields


Conclusions (for my situation):
- It is important to understand how the information flows across the Panels to avoid headaches and potential future "surprises"
- Do not edit Keywords, PersonInImage, Event or ObjectinImage in the Details Panel. Let it all flow from labels.
- Choose a consistent approach for geo-labels - both initial import and any future edits - the Geo-Tagging Panel seems best as the "source of truth"
- Have a defined approach for non-standard geo needs - eg. general location without GPS precision; wanting geo names as Keywords

I have learned that although Photo Supreme has one of the cleanest, quickest-to-learn user interfaces it is still a complex product that is worth getting to know before plunging into a major cataloguing event.

I look forward to deepening my knowledge so I can define the right detailed workflow and approach for my project.

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