Speed of backups version 6

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Speed of backups version 6

Post by BertiIrmo » 17 Feb 21 16:05

I have no idea where the speed increases. Conversion of data from V5 to V6 very quickly.

Compression of approx. 5.6 GB of catalog data in approx. 5 hours? Is that normal?
Backup of the 15.6 GB image catalog files in approx. 10 hours.

According to Task Manager, during compression:
Disk 1 (E) Samsung SSD 840 PRO Series (SATA III)
Capacity: 239 GB Formatted: 215 GB
System disk: No. Swap file: No. Type: SSD
Read speed 1.2 MB / s Write speed 0 KB / s Active time 1% Average response time 0.3 ms
The CPU runs all the time with approx. 7%

Acronis backs up the approximately 21 GB of data in approximately 3 minutes.

Test with Samsung Magician: read 557 MB / s, write 464 MB / s.
Windows copies the catalog files with approx. 222 MB / s reading and writing 222 MB / s at the same time.

Windows and Photo Supreme are on "C" an SSD M2 PCIe 3 x 4

Any idea?


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Re: Speed of version 6

Post by Hert » 17 Feb 21 18:30

Not sure what you mean with “compression”, as PSU doesn’t do compression of large files. For file backup, pSU uses the OS routines.

But the speed is not in creating backups. The speed is in thumb scrolling, thumb scaling, thumb switching, opening large sets of thumbs, zoomin images in the viewer, smoother animations. All thing that lead to a more pleasant user experience while using the app
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Re: Speed of version 6

Post by BertiIrmo » 17 Feb 21 21:24

Hert, Thanks you for your answer.
Sorry, I meant compacting the database, not compressing them (Google translation error?).
I have now found an error in the window system with "sfc /scannow". The search with the search field in the top right also works again without having to wait any longer.

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Post by JoshuaSquag » 22 Feb 21 9:51

Any chance you have a backup of your key configuration files under the previous version? Im guessing the new version defaults are not optimized for your network. Youll need to review the settings on the previous system to figure out what to tweak.

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