PSU 6 & Batch (Recipe)

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PSU 6 & Batch (Recipe)

Post by wphx » 17 Feb 21 5:04

Hi, I have two questions/comments (other than my appreciation for PSU 6)

1. In the batch commands available there are 3 recipe-related ones: Recipe, Recipe File, Recipe Flattening - what is the difference between each of these?

2. When I started this post I thought that an error was on recipe related in batch, but now get it always in the following situation:
a. I opened up the batch panel
b. I removed the command that was already there (in this case 'Recipe')
c. with no batch command set in the panel, I tried adding a new command.
d. I get the error; Invalid Typecast

I'll forward this to mantis - but I was also interested in the use of recipes in the batch panel.


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