Imported from iphone has strange results

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Imported from iphone has strange results

Post by Rhod » 18 Jan 21 19:31

I imported some images from my iphone and had an odd result. The images spanned last year and into January, and the images from January (not all of them) show either a blank thumbnail a symbol or the 'heic' symbol (as shown on the attached screenshot). When I click on one of the blank images I see a tiny white square that says 'Invalid Size'. Any idea what went wrong? Should I just delete them? Thanks
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Re: Imported from iphone has strange results

Post by Hert » 19 Jan 21 9:00

RAF files from an iPhone? A RAF file is a RAW file from a Fuji camera. Try to copy the files with your OS to a temporary folder first, check the files, and then import them to PSU. I believe there are also tools for iOS that allow you to automatically send photo files to a temp folder which you can then import to PSU
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Re: Imported from iphone has strange results

Post by roddyt » 19 Jan 21 13:42

RAF aside, HEIC is a relatively new file format that the iPhone uses instead of JPEG. It results in a smaller size and better image quality than its JPEG alternative. This is good for saving space on the phone, but it does not have widespread acceptance yet. It is supported on the Mac (since High Sierra), but I don't think Windows supports it, though I believe there is an extension that can be installed to fix that.

I use an app called PhotoSync to transfer photos to the computer (also available for Android). One of its many options is to convert HEIC to JPG. It works great.

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