Stacking on Import Slow

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Stacking on Import Slow

Post by gcorbin » 04 Jan 21 11:57

Stacking on import is extremely slow for me. It is taking 25 seconds per image, but very occasionally it will stack about 5 images in half a second. Does anyone else have this issue?

CPU is sitting at 32%, RAM at 37% of 16GB and no disk activity while the stacking is occurring. I am using Photo Supreme (64 bit) with JPG ORF (RAW) pairs being imported off the SD card. I have only started taking image stacks in the camera and I have just ticked stacking in the import dialog, so stacking may always been slow, I don’t know.

My Stacking settings are:-
Stacking detection mask = %secondsbetween{1}
Stacking offset folder = Current Folder
Default stacks display = Stacked

I have imported one card of about 1200 images and a second card with about 500 images with the same result, speed normal during the import but the stacking stage is very slow.

Anyone got any thoughts?

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