Facial Recognition and Linking usage

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Facial Recognition and Linking usage

Post by BCMielke » 01 Jan 21 21:14

I may be missing something. I have played on/off with the AI faces feature included in Photo Supreme. Being the holiday season, I had some more time to play with this feature, and I assume I must be missing something because I find only a minimal amount of value. I have looked through the help files and read the user manual, and still, nothing jumps out at me. This is my understanding of how this feature works.

1. I type F for a single photo or multiple photos.
2. PS then looks over the images and finds several faces. (This feature works well in comparison to other programs.)
3. I then I have to go back to link these faces to....I don't know what to because I don't see any reason to spend the time to do so. What does linking them actually accomplish other than just assigning the label?

The small value that I see is that as I look over an image, it forces me to look over each image to see the whole group of people more closely. Frankly, if I select AI Object, I have those same people labeled as "person."

How does linking help me or set me up for some future that may not currently exist?

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Re: Facial Recognition and Linking usage

Post by Hert » 02 Jan 21 0:23

Areas are written in metadata as regions. Photo Supreme writes IPTC Regions, Microsoft Regions, as well as MWG Regions.

By linking a label to an area, then the name of that label is connected to the area and when writing metadata (sync-write) then the name of the person is also stored in the metadata regions. That way anyone receiving the image has that metadata available. Of course you don't have to link labels to areas, that is optional. But in the future, PSU could also start using linked areas for other features.
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