watermark from xmp only with resize???

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watermark from xmp only with resize???

Post by fbungarz » 15 Dec 20 2:17

I have been playing with setting up a few more "copy to folder" profiles and wanted to add a watermark of the copyright info stored in the XMP.
However, it looks like all image processing including adding a watermark is grayed-out unless I check resizing. What, if I do not want to resize the image, but still apply a watermark?
Also, it seems I can only use another picture, say a logo to add a watermark, not a text?
If I use "signature caption" instead, can I use macro codes to copy the text that I want, e.g.: %xmp:dc:rights ???

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Re: watermark from xmp only with resize???

Post by Hert » 15 Dec 20 13:52

Hi Frank,

When you untick the "sizing" option then PSU will always move the original file. If you like to export the file with altered pixel content (like a different file type or metadata changes, or watermarks/captions) then you must tick the "sizing" option. If you want to maintain the original pixel dimensions for the exported file then set the resizing method to "Keep Original Size".

Watermarking: add another images as a watermark overlay; for example a PNG with the company logo
Caption Signature: add a text overlay on the image. You can use macros here

Since you'd like to add your existing metadata as a caption on the image then you'd use the "Caption signature" for that. %xmp:dc:rights will add the copyright text
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