Newbie - how to save metadata in an XMP file

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Newbie - how to save metadata in an XMP file

Post by davidge55 » 20 Nov 20 19:54

Hello everybody
I have just today started a trail of PSu so am playing with to see if it does what I need - and so far it is looking very positive.

One thing I cannot get to work as I expected is writing metadata to a seperate XMP file. I have read up how to do this in various other posts but it does not seem to work for me - or perhaps I am misunderstanding what the results should be.

I did the following:
1. Imported a JPG and a RAW photo that include no keywords etc.
2. Added labels to them
3. Converted metadate to XMP for both (just in case - not sure I needed to do this)
4. Ran a batch job to 'Export XMP to file' both- directing output to different folder from that which holds the original photos so that I can what happens

The result is I get:
- A copy of the JPG photo containing the labels as keywords (i.e. no XMP file)
- A copy of the RAW file and an XMP file for it

Is the above actually the correct results?
Is it not possible to create a XMP file for a JPG?

All synchronise settings are the defaults.
I am using PSU

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Re: Newbie - how to save metadata in an XMP file

Post by Hert » 21 Nov 20 6:09

A warm welcome to the forum.

The easiest way to save metadata to a sidecar file, even for formats that hold embedded XMP, is to:

1. Select one or more thumbs to export for
2. Right click on a selected thumb
3. Select: Run Script from Repository->Metadata->Export to sidecar XMP

There’s also an Import equivalent there.

Hope that helps
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