compact now when already compacted?

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compact now when already compacted?

Post by fbungarz » 13 Nov 20 16:46

I have discussed elsewhere that my SSD is unfortunately too small to compact my thumbnail database. As the only alternative I now move that database onto another hard drive and compact it there using the third-party tool SQLite Express. That works relatively well, although compacting the huge thumbnail database can take several hours :(
Unfortunately this does not solve another problem: once I copy the compacted database file back onto the SSD, PSu does not realize that database has been compacted and as a result the "compact now" nagging screen does not go away. That would not be so bad, I can click it to go away, but it defeats the purpose of having that nag screen tell me when it is time again to compact. Now, every time I start PSu, I am greeted by that message and there seems no way to start the counter again after having compacted my database elsewhere...

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Re: compact now when already compacted?

Post by Hert » 15 Nov 20 14:03

If you compact the database outside of Photo Supreme then there's no way for Photo Supreme to know that the database was compacted or not. Also, compacting also does some cleaning up which doesn't take place when you compact with a separate SQLite tool.

You must do the compacting from within Photo Supreme. If you copy the files to another drive them open that copied database in PSU (Tools -> Catalog -> Open in the hamburger menu) and compact it. Then close PSU again and copy the database file back.
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