people from TTP

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people from TTP

Post by vkfoto » 11 Nov 20 17:27

In the TTP help file they mention:
Writekeywords –If you have keywords in TTP they will also be mirrored in the metadata.•
Append People names to keywords –This setting writes names in the following fields: IPTC Core “Keywords” and XMP dc:subject.This is specifically required for Adobe Lightroom compatibility, which needs to see a matching keyword with name and a face region for it to recognize and import people.If not using Lightroom, People names are also visible in other popular photo management applications.

Should both be active for PSU to properly read and import the people that TTP finds?

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Re: people from TTP

Post by G8DHE » 11 Nov 20 19:50

Think that might a fairly new switch, I don't recall seeing that before! Thanks for mentioning it, I've turned mine on. I notice that when you do it also pops up a new entry on that page to enable updating all the images.
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Re: people from TTP

Post by Ralf » 12 Nov 20 7:41

I hope I interpreted your statement / question correctly (because of my English)

take a look here, I have done extensive tests with the support from TTP and Hert and PSU reads and writes all the faces found cleanly. Maybe this will help you (if I got that right)


my settings are also shown there in TTP. So far no more "problems" between TTP and PSU
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