move label structure without images to a new catalog?

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move label structure without images to a new catalog?

Post by fbungarz » 03 Nov 20 19:30

I am in the process of setting up a new catalog for our collections and would like to import the labels (including all their mapping configuration) from my personal catalog. Ideally I do not want to copy all label categories, but only the ones relevant for the new catalog (but that is less important, I can always delete the ones I do not want).

Exporting and importing the labels as a controlled vocabulary is not an option, because this will only re-create the labels without the way they are configured (writing the hierarchy, XMP mappings, etc.).

Of course one option would be to copy over the catalog and then delete all images followed by compacting. But in my experience deleting even the content of a single folder often takes considerable time.
Is there any tool available (perhaps from the resource repository) that allows copying over only the catalog structure without its content?

[Even better: is there any way to export/import a Controlled Vocabulary in PSU format into an existing catalog? Ideally such a tool would merge labels that are the same and add new ones (with their configuration, mapping, etc.).

Reason I ask: due to the coronavirus, I am mostly working from home where, for the foreseeable future I will need to continue using my personal database. Eventually we are planning to set up a server based database for the collections to which I will have access from my workstation too. But for now this is not possible, the server workstation is at my work site, my own desktop computer at home. Adding labels at both ends it would be great to exchange these between the databases...]

Thanks !!!

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Re: move label structure without images to a new catalog?

Post by HCS » 03 Nov 20 20:13

A dedicated tool would be nice.

But, one trick i learned for another piece of software, is to add all labels to one image. Then move or copy that image to the new catalog and the whole label structure should come with it. Or, alternatively, clone the catalog and remove all images and load the new ones.

Not sure whether this trick will work for PSU, so if you want to try, please make backups first.

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Re: move label structure without images to a new catalog?

Post by Hert » 03 Nov 20 21:50

There’s a script for copying a catalog structure; ... BA39394939
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