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merge labels

Post by vkfoto » 06 Oct 20 23:49

In the Quick Guide about cataloging, in mentions on page 10 that "You can also merge labels if, for whatever reason, you ended up with duplicates for the same thing."
I have several sets of duplicates, for example, one in Miscellaneous and the same in People::Friends
How do I merge them? When I right click on one I get the option to Merge with label [Alt-M] but the dialog box that opens is a free form text box. What do I write in there? Could this be changed to a selection list?

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Re: merge labels

Post by G8DHE » 07 Oct 20 11:08

Type the label you want to merge it with, as you type matching labels with paths will appear, you can then click the appropriate one.
Geoff Mather (G8DHE)

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