Photo Supreme and Macbook Air i3

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Photo Supreme and Macbook Air i3

Post by Larry56 » 27 Aug 20 0:11

An acquaintance that's recently started taking more photos with a Sony a6000 is looking for both a DAM and RAW processing software. He has a 2020 Macbook Air i3, 8gb RAM, and 256gb ssd - the basic model.

He doesn't have a lot of money but wants his first program to be something for cataloging. I suggested Photo Supreme but he asked a question about it. Does it need a 4 core i5 to use for cataloging or will the 2 core i3 be satisfactory?

As far as processing RAWs I suggested Affinity or RawTherapee. I don't know too much about either but their prices are in his range.

What would you recommend with use with the Macbook Air basic? Does PSu's performance noticeably improve under an i5?

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Re: Photo Supreme and Macbook Air i3

Post by Hert » 27 Aug 20 4:19

Hi Larry, your friend’s MacBook has a 10th gen i3 and that is very capable to run PSU. Memory Is sufficient as well.
FWIW, I have an 8th gen i3 in one of my Windows machines and PSU runs great on it.

You ask if performance will go up noticeably with a modern i5. Psu uses all cores as much as possible and so the more cores, the merrier.
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