Text copy past

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Text copy past

Post by damien » 22 Aug 20 18:47


I've a big pobleme for me.
It's impossible to paste text from another source (textedit, web, ...).
It's very usefull for description.
But nothing.
From psu to another , it's ok, from psu to psu, ok too.

Bug ?

Thanks for you help;

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Re: Text copy past

Post by Hert » 22 Aug 20 23:41

Works fine here.

How are you copying? I used Cmd+C in TextEdit and Cmd+V in PSU's description field.
And what PSU version are you using? I'm using the latest version, which is
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Re: Text copy past

Post by Comadeuro » 25 Aug 20 10:33

Hi Damien,

I also observe this behavior from time to time in all text fields, not only in the description. A restart of PSU helps.


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