Blank images with tone curves

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Blank images with tone curves

Post by chuckhebert40 » 17 Aug 20 19:02

I have encountered a few photos which, when opened from the thumbnail, after a second or so display as blank, although the thumbnail is OK. If I refresh the thumbnail (Operations, Rebuild selected thumbnails) then that too shows blank. The attached video clip shows some blank thumbnails, and the display of a blank photo after double-clicking a visible thumbnail.

The instances I have found of this are photos with a tone curve adjustment recipe. The photo itself displays OK in every other program I’ve tried, but if I export the picture from Photo Supreme – i.e. effecting the recipe – then the resultant file is less than 50kB, a virtually empty file.

I am using PS version The tone curve adjustments were made in an earlier version, many months (so several versions) ago. Making a tone curve adjustment in the current version, on a photo with no existing adjustments, does not replicate the problem.

Removing the adjustment recipe altogether (i.e. so the photo is ‘clean’) removes the problem. I am obviously surmising that the problem is related to tone curve adjustments, made on some earlier version of PS, based on the evidence I have. I am reporting it in case others encounter the same issue - it's not a significant issue for me, having seldom made tone curve adjustments.
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