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Login catalog list

Post by Mark » 27 Jul 20 2:06

At the login window, is there a way to specify how the list of catalogs will be shown (alphabetical, last opened, etc.)? I can't discern any logic in how my list is displayed.

Also, it would be nice to be able to create a new catalog at launch rather than having to open a catalog, then create a new one. Or is this possible now?


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Re: Login catalog list

Post by Hert » 27 Jul 20 9:00

The list in the login dialog will be sorted in the next build.
You can not create a new catalog from the login dialog.

For typical use you only need one or two catalogs. Apparently your list of catalog is long, or you wouldn't request a sorting. I'm very curious as to why you splinter your archive over multiple catalogs. Why not import all into one catalog and use the DAM features to logically split the images. You could achieve that with Catalog Labels or Portfolios.
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Re: Login catalog list

Post by Mke » 27 Jul 20 16:08

Could also split the images using different folders or drives.

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