feature suggestion on keyword relationship

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feature suggestion on keyword relationship

Post by babarnc » 21 Jun 20 12:55

By the way I really like how photo supreme was designed to handle so many details about metadata and make things simple.
One feature I like is the relationship between 2 keywords, I think it would be interesting to expand this functionality and maybe modify its behavior.

Expanding it: It would be great to be able to nest relationship under some folders. For example lets take a person label:
  • John
    • Friends
      • Jack as friend
      • Elsa as best
      • Jo as colleague
    • Family
      • descendants
        • Dani as son
        • Domi as daughter
        • Jule as great grand son
      • ascendents
        • Helen as grandmother
        • Ben as Father

Because when you try to do that with many friends and family member the usability of the function is overhelmed by the number of entries.

The second thing I would propose is a behavior modification:
Today if you click on John you will display all the photos with John -> Great
if you click on the Jack entry that sits below john (displayed as john's friend relationship type) you will then display all the photos with Jack -> I would change that so that in this case you display all the photos with John And Jack. I think this makes much more sense because if you want all photos from jack you can already display it by clicking the "main" jack label. If you dig down to jack thru John I suppose this means you wanted to see them both.

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Re: feature suggestion on keyword relationship

Post by lerone » 22 Jun 20 10:01

I´d +1 Barbernac.
folding of relationships would help for my workflow as well, as I use this useful feature a lot ... and then things get cluttered :-}

I´d also add something / another idea from another observational comment here, as it seems it fits the 'feature suggestion(s) on keyword relationships.
– so I hope it is in tune with Barbernac´s intent to improve keywords, and thus ok to 'hop on' here :-)
I noticed that – seemingly – automatically assigned parents of categories do not transmit their relationships to the media. what I mean is:
I give Y a relationship to Z (so Z is auto-assigned to every Y labeled item); I make X the child of Z (setting 'assign parent Z automatically to X); when then assigning Y X is – counterintuitively – not automatically assigned alongside.
– so, it would be cool if the automatic assignment of parents would also pass on their keyword relationship rules at the very same time (as I think this is what most people would intent / expect).

so, just another improvement idea / suggestion ...

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