"Waste" of space in the User Interface, especially left vertical bar (Windows)

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"Waste" of space in the User Interface, especially left vertical bar (Windows)

Post by Jessy » 23 Jan 20 23:51

Hello everybody.
I know that Photo Supreme is multi-platform (MAC & PC) software and consequently does not have a standard layout such as Office programs for Windows or Finder for MAC.
However, I have trouble understanding the concept of the left vertical bar which is used for only 3 icons: Menu at the top, Settings and Help at the bottom.

Wouldn't it be more efficient to have these 3 icons either:
  • ideally at the left off the view icon (see blue rectangle in the picture below) since it's a space which does not disappears in full or maximized view OR
  • possibly at the right of the Photo Supreme icon (see green rectangle) but the icon disappears when view is maximized OR
  • below the search field (see yellow rectangle) at the far right of the tab titles but this space also disappears when view is maximized
This would save many vertical lines to display the UI (i.e. more info in the right or left panel or even more picture display in the center)

To continue on that, the Photo Supreme icon and the Search icon are on a different line than the tab selection (ALL, Categories, Portofolios, etc.). Wouldn't it be possible to fit everything on a single line? or make the icon a sub section of the Menu button such as Help/About on windows?
I have a 27" screen so I do not indeed take into account UI displayed on smaller screen.
Is this design to also account with smaller screen where everything could not fit on one line?

Thanks for any feedback.

In any case I have bought PS so I'm not dissatisfied, just curious :wink:
Photo Supreme UI, alternative locations of icons.jpg
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Re: "Waste" of space in the User Interface, especially left vertical bar (Windows)

Post by Username » 24 Jan 20 7:20

Hello there and welcome.

Yes, some of the UI appears to be unnecessary spacious.
- The left vertical space is here to stay according to Hert. I guess he has plans for the rest of it although not yet populated.
- The blue horizontal space you have marked is actually the Quick Launch are. But you have not yet populated it with other applications. You can do that under Preferences, Other Settings and External Applications.
- The yellow horizontal space do get populated when you begin opening tabs. Perhaps not on a 27" screen but on smaller laptops it's soon utilised and crowded.

But I would love to have the UI more flexible and customisable but I also understand that there's only so much one can do as a developer. Not all companies can put 10 people on UX development for a year.

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