Meta Data between Photo Supreme and Shutterfly

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Meta Data between Photo Supreme and Shutterfly

Post by PGT » 20 Jan 20 6:21

I am scanning lots of old family slides and plan to manage the collection in PS. Then, I will upload most of the collection to Shutterfly to share with (low tech) family members. My plan is to manually type meta data from the original slides into PS and save it to the images, then I would like those meta data to show up in Shutterfly.

I tried testing this, first exporting the meta data to images in PS, then uploading to Shutterfly. Shutterfly has a nice simple interface for basic labelling, but none of the meta data I exported from PS show up in Shutterfly. Hopefully, this is just a matter of aligning the tags correctly, but there are so many options. Anyone know how I can make the work?

Finally, ideally, I would like to have family members edit the tags that they see in Shutterfly and export those back to my library in PS. I am not so optimistic that Shutterfly will allow that. Anyone know?

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Re: Meta Data between Photo Supreme and Shutterfly

Post by Hert » 20 Jan 20 9:05

A warm welcome to the forum.

I assume you use the default PSU preferences? If so then all metadata is automatically also stored to the file or in a sidecar file if needed. PSU writes metadata to XMP, IPTC and some fields (like author) are also written to Exif.

Make sure that your export feature has the option to export metadata enabled.

If Shutterfly supports reading such metadata then it should be able to read this info.
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