No Updates Available?

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No Updates Available?

Post by smadell » 01 Jan 20 1:33

I am using Photo Supreme on an iMac (Single User edition, MacOS 10.13.6). According to the PSu site, there have been updates since that version (including 2607, 2616, and 2619). But when I check for updates (using the menu within the application) I am told that No Updates are Available. [I am specifically eager to update, as I would appreciate a fix for the dreadfully slow Compact Catalog... operation(s).]

Am I missing something?

ps - Happy New Year to everyone!

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Re: No Updates Available?

Post by snowman1 » 01 Jan 20 1:42

Just a quick answer pending Hert giving an official one: sometimes fixes, especially those for specific issues where the fix requires proving by the affected user, are made available for downloading from the web page but not notified via the app. They are released via the app in due course (sometimes, I guess, rolled up with other changes and fixes). Happy New Year!

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