Web service for IDBrowser Android app released

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Web service for IDBrowser Android app released

Post by thenetstriker » 16 Dec 19 1:13

I just released the source code of the web service behind my IDBrowser Android app (https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... .idbrowser) on Github for anyone that is interested. The app is free and allows to view the photos of any IDImager or PhotoSupreme dabase by categories and even stream the videos using a build in vlc player. The app can also be used to view the photo thumbnails of local IDImager or PhotoSupreme sqlite databases.

The code and releases can be found under the following link: https://github.com/TheNetStriker/IDBrowserService

The newest version of the web service is built on .Net Core and support MsSql and Postgresql servers and runs under Linux, MacOs and Windows. If anyone has problems setting up the webservice you can ask me. I'm just building up the readme's on the GitHub page.

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Re: Web service for IDBrowser Android app released

Post by Hert » 16 Dec 19 14:05

Thank you for sharing.
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Re: Web service for IDBrowser Android app released

Post by tplunkett » 16 Dec 19 16:59

Honestly, this is like the big piece of functionality I have always wanted to have available for Photo Supreme. Like many of us here I have spent countless hours over the years managing my library in Photo Supreme. But then I have to export and in my case load them to Flickr in order to view my photos on the go via my phone / web. Generally works well but as soon as I modify any tags, data, etc - they are out of sync. I know there is syncing capability between PS and Flickr but in my case I want to reach in and query the source - the Photosupreme database.

Anyways, while I am happy you have developed this, I am running on the iOS platform. I hope Android users find this valuable.

I should nominate this for a major feature release of PS to have a web enabled search feature (even if not a native mobile app) since so many of us live on our phones/tablets.

I would be curious to hear feedback from other PS users regarding interest in web based access to the Photsupreme data we are maintaining.

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