Incorrect Olympus .ORF (Raw) Orientation?

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Incorrect Olympus .ORF (Raw) Orientation?

Post by lchan » 05 Oct 19 0:26

The thumbnail orientation of my Olympus .ORF (raw) images from my E-M1 Mark II camera don't seem to be correct. Landscape images are fine but none of the portrait images have been rotated as expected. JPG images all have the correct orientation but not the .ORF images. I recently upgraded to v5 but regenerating the .ORF thumbnails still didn't fix the problem.

Has anyone else seen this problem or am I just missing some configuration option?


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Re: Incorrect Olympus .ORF (Raw) Orientation?

Post by Hert » 05 Oct 19 8:30

That typically indicates a misalignment of the orientation between EXIF and XMP. Try this; right click on the thumbnail and select Metadata-Convert Metadata to XMP. Then rebuild the thumb (Ctrl-Alt-T or Cmd-Opt-T)
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Re: Incorrect Olympus .ORF (Raw) Orientation?

Post by gcorbin » 05 Oct 19 10:47

I assume you used “import folder” (Control+Alt+I) and not the “Import images into Photo Supreme” (Shift+Control+I) menu.

If you import your photos using “Import images into Photo Supreme”, the photo orientation flag is honoured correctly and portrait images have the correct rotation.

If you import your photos using “Import folder”, the photo orientation flag is ignored and all photos are in landscape orientation. I haven’t tried Herts solution, but the times I use import folder, I just rotate the portrait images once which actually rotates the image 180 degrees (my 90 degree rotation plus the orientation flag 90 degree rotation) and then rotate them back once which gets them to their correct portrait orientation.

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