Windows / Postgresql

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Windows / Postgresql

Post by rdv4rjm » 01 Jun 19 17:59

Using PSU with Macpro since I started with it.
Just about to migrate to Windows installation as server, PostgreSQL.

Behaviour is different. Wondering if users running PSU server/Windows combination have same experience.

On Mac, If a keyword if added or removed to some photos, status bar will show files being written to disk.
20k could take 40 minutes.

Doing same process In windows environment, with PSU server edition, all parameters set identically to the MAC in postgres config files, as well as in PSU preferences.
Reaction: PSU zips through all 20k files in 20 seconds.
Files show out of synch.

If I send command to save all out-of-synch files, things move much slower, meaning, it is actually writing to the disk.

How should PSU be configured to save metadata to files real time?
Thought it should be in Preferences, under file Synchronizing: unticking Store to database only.

Anything else need to be done?

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Re: Windows / Postgresql

Post by Hert » 01 Jun 19 19:23

You also moved the images files to the Windows server? If so then the references (file path) to the files will be different on Windows than on macOS. Right click on the top level node in Folders and select "Map to the correct physical path". Then point to the root folder on disk.
Tip; before making such major changes, make sure you have a backup.
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