Postgresql not starting

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Postgresql not starting

Post by rdv4rjm » 30 May 19 18:25

I messed up the database and had to restore with Timemachine. ( I am using a Macpro 2009).
I backup up to the day I know everything was working fine.

Now, Postgres10 doesn't start.
I uploaded the log file.
At one point a message made me stop, it said I could loose the database.

Would anyone know how to get the database working again.

I know about the pid file trick, this file is missing.

Any help would be so much appreciated.
Been stopped since Monday.

Thanks in advance,
Postgres issue.txt
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Re: Postgresql not starting

Post by Hert » 31 May 19 7:51

Seems like your database raises the log entry:
invalid primary checkpoint record

When googling on this it gives several possible solutions.
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Re: Postgresql not starting

Post by rdv4rjm » 01 Jun 19 1:59

Many reference to pg_restxlog which file is inexistant on this computer.
Some pretend pg_restxlog has been changed to pg_resetwal; was not able to find its location.

Applied Time machine on:
VAR folder
Postgres App
pgAdmin4 App

Choose date 2 days earlier than when fault happened.
Once done, Postgres connected to server
PSU found Database.

Catalog is now 2 days behind.
Selected all photos and in order to update catalog, I had them read their metadata from files up to date.

This is how I managed to get back running.

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