Importing images to external had-drive folder

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Importing images to external had-drive folder

Post by suethomo » 28 May 19 5:54

Hi - I'm new to Photo Supreme, having migrated from Media Pro. I have a Catalog that has the actual images stored on an external hard drive. It has the external hard drive showing with folder structure and images OK.

I added some new images to that hard drive in new subfolders. I then connected the external drive to the computer and from what I understand, I need to "verify" the top folder that has the new subfolders, so the catalog can update the folders with the new images. Is that how it should work? The reason I'm asking is that it seems to be taking a long time to do it - (there are about 160 GB of images). I assume it is creating thumbnails of all these images and importing the file structure etc. This is how I used Media Pro, but not sure if this is how PS should work.

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Re: Importing images to external had-drive folder

Post by Hert » 30 May 19 9:24

A warm welcome to the forum!

Verify Folder will do a full scan of the folder that you start this command for. That includes binary file checking, new files, new folders.

If all you did was created new folders on the disk then try right click and then Scan for Missing Folders. Or Scan for Missing Files if you don'r know where the files were added. Both perform a sub set of the full Verify Folder.

Of course you can also look into using PSU's ingest features. It is very powerful.
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