Captions in print settings

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Captions in print settings

Post by lcushing » 10 Mar 19 0:50

When printing out a set of images and I turn on "with captions" the text appears huge and the images tiny; fussing with the "define captions text" font size appears to make no difference. Also, can I select additional fields to print, such as "description"?

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Re: Captions in print settings

Post by Hert » 10 Mar 19 9:41

First of all, make sure you are always running the latest version. That is currently

I tried it here and can make the font size smaller using the editor.

You can use macros in the text. Tip; when hovering the mouse over a caption label in the Image Details panel (e.g. over Description) it tells you what the macro name is. For the description that is

Code: Select all

Use this macro in the caption text
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